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PayPal for Woo Commerce - Payment Balancer Mode

June 12, 2020

AngellEye -

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The majority of the products we provide are created based on demand from the community.

Our PayPal for WooCommerce plugin fills a gap left in the integration of PayPal in general with WooCommerce.

OurPayPal Multi-Account for WooCommerce expanded upon that to fill another gap, and allow for payments to be to different accounts based on rules that you create.

Not long after that the request was made forsplit payment functionality, so we added that.

The latest top request has been to add a Payment Load Balancer, so that payments can be spread across multiple accounts regardless of any specific rules being triggered.

Once again, we heard you, and we got it done! This tutorial will walk you through the steps to make that happen on your WooCommerce website.

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