Sapnesh Naik
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The Future of RPA

May 30, 2020


Article Excerpt

“The future is never lived today; it is uncertain.” Isn’t it? The future is indeed uncertain. But we have experts and industrialists predicting the future based on the current situation and industry trends. That’s what we’ll comprehend in this article, future predictions of RPA. RPA, in short, is, configuring bots to replace repetitive back-office and rule-based tasks. Automation in general and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), in particular, are relatively new to the industry. Hence, it has been a hot topic altogether. Due to its disruptiveness in the past and for its endless possibilities in the future, it is one of the top trending technologies. A very well known research and advisory company Gartner has predicted that the organizations will lower the operational costs by 30% with the adoption of RPA.

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